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The Sock Monster



The real story of the missing sock. A long time ago a girl called Olivia had lost her sock and then she went missing.

Joey the detective decided to hunt for clues. He discovered some thick,black wool.

“It must mean that some sort of sock monster must eaten the dark black sock. But where is Olivia? Hmmmmm, well this happened when she got back to school from swimming, so the sock monster must be somewhere in school.”

Joey, the detective, decided to check Year 6 first. Nothing was there apart from some ruined books.


What was that he thought to himself.

“Hmmmm where did this monster come from and what was that noise?”

Olivia screams could be heard all the way around the school.

“I think it came from Year 3. ”

Then there was a loud clunking noise. What was that?

Joey sprinted down the corridor towards Year 3 and spotted a massive, black and purple sock monster

A strange thing happened at swimming today…


Today at swimming one of Olivia’s socks went missing! Mrs JD emptied everyones bags, but there was no sock to be found. Mrs JD suggested that maybe the sock monster had eaten it and perhaps we could write a story about thimysterious disappearance!

The Hare and the Tortoise


A few days later it was the day of the race. Tortoise was already on the starting line when Hare came zooming up next to him. He was showing off his nice red and silver boots.

“Prepare to lose!” He boasted.

By Stevie

The Hare and the Tortoise


Early the next morning Tortoise decided to do some training, so he stood up and did some star jumps, press ups and some sit-ups.

“Come on Tortoise! You can do it! carried Squirrel. Squirrel’s 3 children were making posters for Tortoise for something  for them to do. They I used lime leafy green, orange and a red. It read, GO ON TORTOISE!

Another day went by then another  then another until it was the day of the race. Tortoise drank some water and did some oppress ups. Until, all of a sudden round the corner came Hare! He wore a flashy sweater and a pair of expensive looking trainers.

“Here’s hare showing off again. ” whispered Mole.

The Hare and the Tortoise


The next morning at sunrise Tortoise started training. Tortoise asked Fox to help him. Fox said yes! First they played baseball Fox won. then they played tennis Fox won. Then they did a race Fox won by far.

By Oliver

The Hare and the Tortoise


It was the day of the race and Tortoise was slowly coming to the field. Suddenly he bumped into Skunk. He was coming to see Tortoise race with Hare.

” I’ll give you some tips. 1 believe in yourself. 2 Hold your nose!” shouted Skunk.

by Ellie

Blog comments


This afternoon we looked at a video made by American children about what makes an effective ( good) blog.  Make sure you follow their advice when leaving comments on not only our blog but on others.


Quad blogging


We are participating in quad blogging – this is where a school joins 3 other schools to promote their blogging. Each week one school is the focus and the other schools are encouraged to read the blog posts and make constructive comments on them. This week we are looking at 4R’s blog.




Audio fables


We have been listening to some audio stories. The BBC school site has lots of audio fables – so far we have only listened to The Hare and the Tortoise.



Information page about a dragon


In Big Writing on Friday we were shown a picture of a dragon. Our challenge was to user our imaginations to create an information page about this dragon. We recapped the features of an information page such as: paragraphs, sub headings, bullet points, boxes, did you knows?


This dragon’s family name is called Ride Wage-taile This information page will tell you all about this type of dragon. Are you ready to read about a Ride Wage-taile?

By Maisie


The baby dragons aren’t allowed to breathe fire until they are 16 months because it might get out of control !

By Olivia



  • Kevin’s teeth are the second sharpest in the world.
  • If you put your hand in Kevin’s mouth Kevin will probably take your hand off.

By William



The Mooch dragon looks like a rainbow and s instead of breathing out fire, strangely it breathes out rainbows !

By Beth


Where to find her?

To find this beautiful creature you have to travel over many seas. At the very top of the earth this dragon is living. You will have to travel 100,000miles which is a very long way, so if you want to hunt for this creature make sure you are prepared !

By Maiya



This deadly dragon lives in volcanoes and lays its eggs in hit magma.

By Lucian


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